Teaching and Learning is the means by which we deliver our curriculum, which is designed to ensure that we meet our goal of Academic Excellence in all areas of learning. We place a particular focus on student achieving the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy and  we foster passion for learning particularly in the areas of our three specialisms Science, the Arts and Sport.

Teachers use a wide range of strategies to make learning both stimulating and challenging. Students remain at the centre of learning because teachers focus on what students need to know and be able to do to move on to the next level of achievement in each of their subject areas.

Melton LEARN Model

At MSC we recognise that students learn more effectively when they are informed about the goals of each lesson and each lesson has a consistent structure. All teachers are expected to plan their lessons using the agreed Melton LEARN Model.


LLearning Intentions
EEngage and Explore new knowledge
AApply the new knowledge
RReview the learning-was the Learning Intention achieved?
NNavigate to the next lesson

Adapted from the DET E5, Marzano and Pollock’s GANAG Framework.

Sub Schools

Melton Secondary College is divided into three Sub Schools.

The Sub Schools are the main form of communication and administration for students and their families. Student Engagement and Wellbeing, including Positive Behaviour Management and Education, Attendance and Student progress are administered by the Sub Schools. Transition and Pathways are integral to the Sub Schools and are supported by our Pathways Coordinator, and Student Leadership is supported by our Student Voice Coordinator.


Junior Sub School

(Years 7, 8 & 9)

Senior Sub School

(Years 10, 11 & 12)

Sub School Assistants

Mrs Faye Morton

Mrs Belinda Johnston

Mrs Marilyn Sorensen

Mrs Hayley Farrar

Head of Year

Year 7 – Ms Mieleah Reichelt

Year 8 – Ms Amy-Rose Livesay

Year 9 – Mr Matt Ward

Year 10 – Ms Daniel James

VCE – Ms Caitlyn Stephen

VCAL – Mr David Kershaw

Senior School ManagerMr Daniel VeldenMr Andy Nguyen
Assistant PrincipalsMs Kathryn SobeyMr Alan Devine