The library is open from 8.30am – 4.30pm. Recess and lunchtime are for schoolwork, study or independent reading.  Students may borrow 4 books on a fortnightly basis and are able to re-borrow if required. To borrow, students can present their student card or quote their student id code at the counter.

The link for the MSC Library is now on Compass, the Intranet Launch Pad and the school Website. Students and staff can access this from school and when away from school. The school library page has a dynamic preview of What’s new in the Library.

Our school Library portal contains links to the online book collection at Melton City Libraries and the State Library of Victoria. By registering and logging onto the Melton City Libraries portal, students have access to over 5000 online books that they can borrow and read on their own device.  It also includes links to some great book reviews and the Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge. 

Students have the opportunity to explore our two Search kiosks to search for books.  Having the ability to use the online search tool is a great starting point for students to independently search for articles and books located in the Library. Whilst the library team are always on hand to help, the skills developed from this independent practice will develop student knowledge of how to research and find information on their own for academic and day-to-day life.

We continue to group books into Genre and Themes, which supports student’s ability to find what suits their individual interests. The Independent Reading Program includes the introduction of reading levels to support students with selecting the ‘just right book’.

Student Library Assistant Program

In 2019 we launched the Student Library Assistant Program. Student Library Assistants are volunteers; either selected by staff or self-nominated to become part of the library team and contribute to the effective running of the library for one term. Being part of the library team includes issuing, returning and shelving books, helping people use the library, promoting the library and books, creating displays. Students are required to complete a 6 module Handbook to complete the Program. 

The benefits of the program include the opportunity to socialise, gain work experience and learn new skills, including a chance to take on responsibility, preview new books, and gain appreciation from students and staff. At the completion of the program, students will receive a certificate recognising excellence in their work as a Student Library Assistant and have an additional experience to add to their resume.

Bookmark Workshops

Bookmark Making Workshops held in the library during lunch has given students a chance to connect whilst having the opportunity to discuss different topics as they create masterpieces. Some of these great works are now on display in the Library.

Diversity Week

During Diversity Week this year, we displayed some great reading opportunities for students to highlight the importance and raise awareness about our cultural diversity at MSC. This included a bookmark making activity, along with a Cultural Appreciation Showcase, which included the task of students needing to write an answer to a number of prompts to express their thoughts and feelings about the importance of cultural diversity for a chance to have their writing published.

Library Lovers Day

We celebrated Library Lovers Day this year with a lucky dip of romantic novels for students to borrow. It was great to see students joining in this Literacy celebration with much excitement about the surprises under wraps.