Technology plays an important part in our students education.

Our 1:1 iPad program ensures our 7-9 students develop technologically aware and adept learners who think critically and ethically about the role of technology in our lives.

The iPad is an essential learning tool in Years 7-9. Melton Secondary College substantially subsidies the cost of the iPad to allow the program to be accessible to all families. Families are requested to contribute to the iPad program at a cost of $120 per year for the three years. Alternative support with the iPad program can be discussed by contacting our Office team. 

In the senior years students join the BYOD -Bring Your Own Device program which allows each student to choose the right tool for their learning needs.

Mobile phones are not permitted at Melton Secondary College in line with the Department of Education’s mobile phone policy. Mobile phones must remain in lockers and turned off during school hours.

There is substantial evidence around the risks that social media poses to young people. Melton Secondary College does not recommend that young people use social media platforms. The minimum age for most social media platforms is 13 years old. Further information for parents, carers and young people is available at