A flourishing learning community providing students with high expectations and support as they begin their secondary school journey.

At Melton Secondary College our focussed approach to the highest quality teaching and learning means that our Junior students are fully engaged in learning.

We work closely with our neighbouring primary schools to focus on strong routines that support students to be highly successful learners who are known and noticed.

Our teaching staff are highly skilled in developing learning programs for our young people. Many of our Junior School team members have formal primary school qualifications. In Year 7 and 8 many of our students have the same teacher for multiple subjects in order to support students and families to build strong connections upon entry into secondary school.

Our Independent Reading Program supports all our students to become fluent readers who choose to read as a lifelong pursuit.

Our Maths program teaches mathematics for understanding. In our Maths classes students use physical materials to explore, think and communicate. Maths lessons are often problem-based and are carefully planned to support every student to access the work and move to the next level in their learning.

In the Junior School, students study foundational subjects with a rotation of ‘Selectives’ throughout Year 7 and 8. In Year 9 students learning comprises of 50% foundational learning and 50% elective learning.

At MSC our Junior school students have access to a variety of extracurricular literacy, numeracy and social and emotional learning programs that cater for high achievers, reluctant learners and learners with additional needs. We ensure that no student is left behind, or held back from achieving great growth in their learning.

At our STARR Awards Rewards Shop students can convert hard earned Melton Money into a prize of their choosing –fancy a new piece of sports equipment? A cool item of stationery? Maybe you want to save that Melton Money for a Pizza Party with a Principal? Or maybe you want to work towards an iPad pencil or a shiny new school blazer.

Meet the Junior School team!

Liam McDermott
Junior School Principal

Liam can help you with:

  • Teaching and learning in the Junior School
  • Joining or leading on staff in the Junior School
  • Finding the right person to help
  • Questions about transition from Year 6
SEL Teachers SEL teachers are the most critical connection between home and school. SEL teachers know their students well because they see them every single day. Our SEL teachers care deeply about each young person and are highly skilled in supporting students in their learning and in their wellbeing. SEL Teachers should be the first port of call for any query or concern.

Robbie McCoy
Head of Year 7

Robbie can help you with:

  • Support with transition from Year 6
  • Year 7 camps, excursions and activities
  • Information about the Year 7 program
  • Questions about Year 7 at MSC

Tayla Morley
Head of Year 8

Tayla can help you with:

  • Support with transition from Year 7 or to Year 9
  • Year 8 camps, excursions and activities
  • Information about the Year 8 program
  • Questions about Year 8 at MSC

Antonia Chrysostomou
Head of Year 9

Antonia can help you with:

  • Support with transition from Year 8 or to Year 10
  • Year 9 camps, excursions and activities
  • Information about the Year 9 program
  • Questions about Year 9 at MSC
Junior School Assistants
Lauren Waldie, Faye Morton, and Jessica White

Faye, Michelle, and Jess assist in the administration of learning for Year 7-9.

Faye, Michelle, and Jess lead attendance & absence follow up to ensure that “every day counts” for the learning of students.