Rugby Academy

With support from Melbourne Rebels/Rugby Victoria, Melton Secondary College has partnered with Academy Movement to set up a Rugby Academy from 2022.

This program will include:

  • a full year (Semester 1 & 2) of Rugby Academy timetabled classes in Yr 9 and 10
  • specific theory learning modules relating to rugby and high- level sport.
  • completion of Smart Rugby coaching qualifications and certificates
  • high level Rugby Union training sessions facilitated by our new Rugby teacher aimed at improving the student’s physical fitness, skill development, game sense awareness and tactics.
  • opportunities to develop teamwork and leadership skills.
  • clear academic and career pathways 


The program allows students to access specialised curriculum and high level coaching to support their development into responsible and knowledgeable elite rugby players.

The Melton Secondary College Rugby Academy is geared toward achieving successful VCE outcomes.

Contact Mr Tim Condon for further information.