Melton Secondary College has enjoyed a long Sister School relationship with Showa Junior High School in Okayama, Japan.

Since 2015, our students have been given the opportunity to compliment and enrich their language learning curriculum by immersing themselves in this cultural experience. By travelling to Japan, staying with a Japanese family and attending school, students become fully immersed in Japanese culture, language and customs. They develop life-long friendships and a greater understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.      

Highlights of the program include:

  • Attending school in Japan and making new friends
  • Sampling new and exciting foods
  • Travelling on the super-fast bullet train
  • Visiting Universal Studios
  • Getting to practice Japanese language and script

Each year, Melton families also provide a homestay opportunity for students from Showa Junior High School. Our Japanese friends spend time at the College attending classes and experiencing Australian life.

In our rapidly changing world an increasing number of people work in a multicultural environment, where cultural understanding is required for companies and individuals to successfully conduct business in an international arena. We aim to give Melton Secondary College students the skills and tools they need to become fully functional members of today’s society, and programs like Showa Junior High School Exchange program are step in that direction.