Amanda Xavier- Wellbeing Leader

Amanda Xavier has been teaching and supporting the wellbeing of students at Melton Secondary College since the beginning of 2012. Previous to this she worked at another school for 4 years as the Wellbeing Coordinator as well as in the community sector supporting vulnerable young people in the justice system, in Out of Home Care and with drug and alcohol concerns. As well as being a English and Humanities teacher at Melton Secondary College, Amanda has been fortunate to have a range of experiences including working students and families with complex needs, developing and facilitating programs, working with the Student Support Services Team, liaising with teaching and support staff at the college to complete referrals for Psychological and other assessments, completing applications for students to the Program for Students with Disabilities and supporting those young people living in Out of Home Care. Amanda is passionate about supporting the metal health and wellbeing of students so that they can engage in their learning to their full potential.

Stacey James – Senior Wellbeing Counsellor

Stacey James began at Melton Secondary in Term 4 2015. She previously worked in the Department of Education regional office in Horsham for over 5 years. In this role, Stacey was part of Student Support Services Team where she travelled to schools in the Wimmera region as a visiting social worker. Through her time at Melton Secondary College Stacey has developed particular skills in working with and supporting students around mental health. Stacey’s goal is to support students in making sure they have a positive experience at school and to address any barriers to their education and learning.

Tara Coates – Wellbeing and Engagement Officer

Tara Coates started working at Melton Secondary College at the beginning of Term 3 in 2019. Tara has a background in Social Work. Previously to working at Melton Secondary College, Tara was employed by Djerriwarrh Health Services for 18 years counselling the young people in the Melton community. Tara is passionate about providing support for the Melton Secondary College students with counselling and program work.

Clair Whittingham – Wellbeing and Engagement Officer

Clair Whittingham joined the Wellbeing Team at Melton Secondary College in 2020. Clair is a qualified Counsellor and is passionate about working with and engaging young people in programs and services to support their holistic wellbeing. With over 8 years of experience working with young people in the Melton municipality, through the Department of Education, Mackillop Family Services and Melton City Council Youth Services, Clair has developed an understanding of the needs presenting for young people in the community and strives to empower young people to discover their potential in building resilience. To support her own wellbeing, Clair enjoys listening to music and spending time in the outdoors exploring new and beautiful places.

Daniella Giampino – Wellbeing Counsellor

Daniella supports students with all areas of student wellbeing. Her main work is one-on-one short term targeted therapeutic intervention. This involves working intensely with students to explore strategies and develop an understanding of what they are experiencing. Dani’s goal is to support students in ensuring they have the tools to work through any concerns and to have positive school and life experiences.