It is an expectation that children attending Melton Secondary College wear the uniform which has been selected by our students and endorsed by our School Council. The School Uniform must be worn to present a neat and tidy appearance.

The College Uniform Policy and Correct Wearing of Uniform brochure are available in links at the bottom of this page.

Uniform Shop

The college Uniform Shop is operated by Buxwear.

The shop is located at 39 Bakery Square, High Street, Melton (enter via McKenzie Street).

Phone: 8746 2142

Orders can be also made online at Shop@Buxwear

Email Buxwear Direct

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday: 9:00pm to 5:00pm

Saturday: 9:30am to 2:00pm

The Uniform Price list is available in a link at the bottom of this page.