Executive Leadership Team

Kathryn Sobey

College Principal

Dannielle Gibson

Senior School Principal

Liam McDermott

Junior School Principal

Alan Devine

Director of Student Services and Operations

Christine Payne

Director of Curriculum

Melanie Russell

Director of Literacy

Naomi Hill

Business Manager, Finance

Jeanette Geary

Business Manager, Human Resources

Junior School - 2023



Head of Year 7

Sinead McCullough

Head of Year 8

Aiden Arandez

Head of Year 9

Amy Livesay

Year 7 Team Leaders

Vanessa Kelly

Andrew Turnbull

Year 8 Team Leaders

Karla Simiane

Daniel Griffin

Year 9 Team Leaders

Jacklyn Caruana

Temu Mauga

Senior School – 2023



Head of Year 10

Antonia Chrysostomou

Head of Year 11

Ariana Magliozzi

Head of Year 12

Bryan Cook

Year 10 Team Leader

Tayla Morley

Year 11 Team Leader

Sarah Gaetano

Year 12 Team Leader

Monika Rajicic