Vision Statement

We are proud that Melton secondary College is a school where every student can flourish, achieve excellence in their learning and progress confidently towards a bright future.

The College values, Success, Team Work, Ambition, Respect and Responsibility underpin everything that we do and help ensure students grow as self-aware, confident and kind young people who embrace diversity and are inclusive of others.

Our values guide students to pursue excellence by engaging deeply with subject matter and through their efforts experience the excitement of discovering new connections and understanding of the world around them.

We know that learning thrives when the curriculum taps into student interest and experience and through the individual attention of a caring teacher who knows how to stretch students just far enough to stay motivated, risk failure and persist until they succeed.

We work to ensure that students attain and then extend beyond the building blocks of reading, writing and maths to develop a love of reading, write with authenticity, clarity and power and understand and use number to communicate complex ideas.

Our students’ first teachers are their parents and carers and we treat education as a partnership between home and school. As an outward facing school we are constantly creating ways of connecting with local agencies and businesses to enrich student learning with experiences beyond the school gate.

Excellence is most visible in results. NAPLAN tests scores and teacher assessments indicate steady student learning growth in literacy and numeracy as does the strong track record of achievement in VCE, VCAL and VET.

All of these elements combine to create a school which lives its vision, A flourishing learning community achieving high levels of academic growth and bright futures for every student.

I look forward to sharing our students’ future and am confident that our College will continue to support them to flourish and excel in their learning and growth.