The Doctor’s in Secondary Schools Program at MSC has appointments available for students seeking support. We are lucky to have a GP and nurse from Headspace Melton at the campus each Thursday to support our students.

Some important information

Bookings can be made in the following ways

The program’s consent and confidentiality policy was developed in consultation with experts including: the Australian Medical Association, the Australian Education Union, Parents Victoria and the Victorian Association of Secondary School Principals.

Consistent with Australian common law, the program recognises that:

  • any student who wants to see the GP will be permitted to book an appointment
  • the GP will decide whether the young person is mature enough to consent to medical treatment or whether parent/carer consent is needed – as is the case with all GPs in the community
  • the right for a young person’s health information to be kept confidential will be respected unless the disclosure is with the consent of the young person or it is otherwise permitted by law – as is the case with all GP practice in the community

Please follow the link below to access the consent and confidentiality policy.