At Melton Secondary College we build academic excellence through a challenging and supportive curriculum that results in respect for self, education and the environment. 

As educators we support the right and the capacity of all students to learn at a high level within a community of learning that fosters the growth and development of the whole person.     

Young people leave our college with the skills and knowledge to navigate a future the will be quite different to the present. In order to do this our curriculum and pedagogy supports;

  • student growth as creative and critical thinkers
  • the development of emotional and relational capabilities to work collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds,
  • the use of information technologies to communicate and manipulate information
  • self-reflection and an ethical framework that supports students in making positive decisions.

We employ the Melton Secondary College instructional model LEARN and utilise high impact pedagogy

Our first priority is to know the student’s zone of proximal development, then design, implement and evaluate learning tasks that ensure students achieve growth to the next level of development.

We understand that language is the basis for learning, so explicitly develop our students’ oral and written language skills so they can gain knowledge and express complex ideas fluently.

We share the purpose of each learning task with our students so as we work alongside them, they can set their own goals, track their own progress and know the next steps to progress their learning, gradually becoming independent learners.

Independent Reading Program

Students in Years 7 and 8 undertake specialised instruction in reading comprehension through our highly effective Independent Reading Program. In IRP we foster a love of reading and build learning confidence in our students which translates into all other areas of the curriculum. Families and carers are encouraged to reinforce these behaviours at home by encouraging and modelling reading for enjoyment.    

Teaching Maths for Understanding

In Mathematics, Melton Secondary College aims to create a rich learning environment that encourages a positive mindset.  By using a range of teaching strategies that connect the content, skills and concepts, teachers enhance understanding and engagement and build students’ confidence as mathematics learners and thinkers.

In the mathematics classroom students are exposed to opportunities that help them to:

  • develop and engage their mathematical thinking
  • solve problems and demonstrate their understanding
  • apply strategies and conceptual understanding in familiar and unfamiliar situations
  • recognise the relevance of their experiences in their environment through a mathematical lens
  • use and connect what they are learning to contexts outside the mathematics classroom.

Teachers help students to engage with, explore and make connections between their mathematical knowledge, skills and understandings with other learning areas and the world around them.