Transition is an important process for students entering the college for the first time and as they advance to the next year level.

Grade 6 – Year 7 Transition Program

At Melton Secondary College we are aware that the change from Grade 6 to Year 7, although exciting for many students, can also be a source of anxiety and apprehension. It is our primary focus to ensure our students feel safe and happy. Hence, a careful Transition Program has been organised to prepare students for their move to secondary college.

The program involves a series of activities including:

  • Visits to primary schools by our Transition Team
  • Orientation Information Evening for parents
  • Student Community Responsibility Leaders
  • Orientation Day for Students
  • Year 7 Induction Program and Camp

Head Start Program

To provide our students with the best possible start to the following academic year, we have developed a Head Start Program for Years 10-12. 

During the two week-long programs, students will begin their course of study in each subject that includes:

  • An overview of the course
  • Requirements for satisfactory completion
  • Procedures / tasks for determining the level of achievement
  • Tasks that need to be completed prior to the start of the New Year.
  • Texts / equipment that students will need.